Our Objective

Renewable energy is important for the progress of the human race. Coal pollutes the environment by creating greenhouse gases and is not recycled. Nuclear power puts the lives of surrounding residents at great risk. In the case of nuclear pollution spills may last hundreds of years. In many large cities, gasoline vehicles emit dangerous toxic gases.

Today, in countries such as Iceland, Tajikistan, Paraguay, Albania, and Lesotho, 100% of all the energy generated comes from renewable sources. Unfortunately, in most countries, the percentage of energy generated from renewable sources is much lower.

The objective of the Renewable Energy Society (RES) is to promote the generation of renewable energy and several finance renewable energy projects. Renewable energy will reduce greenhouse gases and fuel emissions. Renewable Energy Society works on the following projects:

- promotion of renewable energy via social media, websites, email newsletters, and professional exhibition booths,

- renewable energy research (our main project is Discrete Power Converter or DPC),


- sending renewable energy devices to developing countries,

- green lendings to entrepreneurs in developing countries via http://kiva.org website,

- Environmental Exhibitions to promote the environment and current environmental issues: https://enviroexhibitions.wixsite.com/home

- Environmental Conferences to discuss the environment and current environmental issues: https://environmentalconferences.weebly.com

- Environmental Parties




Professor Nova Muscosa Amplayo

Calamba, Misamis Occidental, Philippines


Ponciano Muscosa Amplayo

Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines


Charley Keith Amplayo

Calamba, Misamis Occidental, Philippines