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Why Coal Mining is Bad?

Many people lost their lives in coal mines since widespread underground mining began in 18 century. Thousands of coal miners die from accidents annually around the world.

"Turkey coal mine explosion: Death toll rises":

“One big difference between mining coal and other minerals such as copper or gold, is that coal inevitably comes with the potentially explosive methane gas.” from “Coal mining's invisible killer” article:

"43 dead in China coal mine explosion: report":

"Ukraine Coal Mine Explosion Leaves 17 Dead, 9 Missing":

"Coal’s Highest Price: 29 New Zealand Miners Die Underground":

"Chilean miners rescued after ten-week ordeal":

Why Nuclear Power is Bad?

Nuclear power can contaminate atmosphere, seas and rivers for hundreds of years, killing and destroying wildlife in the process:

Power Stations

"Fukushima Accident 2011":

"Chernobyl Accident 1986":

Sunken Nuclear Submarines

"Radiation Risk?":