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"Why do you think renewable energy is important?"

March 2020

"I am a researcher in probabilistic risk & reliability analysis using machine-learning applications for tackling problems in asset integrity management. My capabilities in understanding statistical Bayesian inference and reasoning uncertainty allows me to develop proactively failure models in compound marine operations. This brought profound contributions due to developing effective predictive maintenance strategies, decision making and innovative reliability methods for improving the performance of marine systems. In 2015, I gained the Distinguished John Bicknell Elite Scholar award from University of Tasmania (UTAS) for my innovative ideas on reliability assessment of marine systems with complex deterioration processes and was selected for conducting my PhD. The outcome yielded to theoretical and practical contributions on developing approaches for improving the reliability of marine operations. I was also honoured by being asked to lead two projects regarding uncertainty modelling of power storage for Tasmanian Sea in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics in UTAS. My research progress and publication records contributed Significantly to the awarding of two travel grants from Australian Maritime College which enabled me to liaise with international research groups. With these grants I was in the position to pay a three months visit at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management in TU Delft for improving my knowledge in advanced risk mitigation strategies and presenting my research outcomes for the Safety and Security Science Research Group; one month visit at University of Florence for collaborating in developing a data driven approach for predicting life-cycle of Gas Distribution Network asset, and one month visit at the Centre for Risk, Integrity and Safety Engineering at the Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada for sharing my contributions in improving the safety of marine operations and also participating in the 3rd Symposium on Safety and Integrity Management of Operations in Harsh Environment. I cooperated in a teaching course in engineering disciplines and supervising postgraduate students which resulted in developing methods for enhancing the lifetime of subsea pipelines and marine renewable systems. The outcomes were published in peer-reviewed journals and supported my students for accepting as a PhD candidate and hiring at related marine industries. Early 2018, I was received the Innovative UK research fellowship offered by the University of Exeter, the Renewable Energy Group, regarding my idea to solve challenges faced in lifetime operation of a newly designed Modular Tidal Generator. The outcomes presented at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers conference in 2019 and led me to make multiple international contacts and became a professional member of ASME. Later, I received a research associate position at the Maritime and Transportation Technology Group in TU Delft, in April 2019, due to my supportive solutions on modern challenges with the maintenance of AS for improving safety of future marine transportation.", Mohammad from Delft, South Holland, Holland.

October 2015

"RE is important because of the increased cost of the conventional energy carriers as well as environmental impacts.", Inayatullah from Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan.

April 2015

"Next Generation must be better.", Yefri from Jakarta Timur, Jakarta, Indonesia.

March 2015

"They are the future types of energy as it has none or negligible negative environmental impact with promising economic value.", Adaobi from Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.

May 2014

"Renewable is now gaining popularity and it is cheaper to other types of energy", Najeem from Alimosho L.G.A, Lagos, Nigeria.

March 2014

"Because is the energy for the future", Augustine from Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana.

January 2014

"So that we can leave a sustainable and environmentally friendly inheritance for generations to come.", Ibrahim from Mubi, Adamawa, Nigeria.

October 2013

"Simply because we are running out of non-renewable energy sources.", Hussein from Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

"We all know with the passage of time we have to find other sources for energy like I am working in solar and cosmic energy hope soon someone finds the best source other than petrol etc.", Asif from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

September 2013

"Every alternative energy source needs consideration.", David from Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States.

December 2012

"Most renewable energy investments are spent on materials and workmanship to build and maintain the facilities, rather than on costly energy imports. Renewable energy investments are usually spent within the United States, frequently in the same state, and often in the same town. This means your energy dollars stay home to create jobs and fuel local economies, rather than going overseas. Meanwhile, renewable energy technologies developed and built in the United States are being sold overseas, providing a boost to the U.S. trade deficit.", Muhammad from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

October 2012

"Free from pollution: Conventional energy is too expensive for less developed countries without natural oil sources, as my country Cape Verde Islands. Looking for know-how and partnership project business for mutual interest for applying in Cape Verde and Africa in parallel. There are some financial official funds to support these kinds of projects.", Verissimo from Mindelo, Cartão de crédito, Cabo Verde.

September 2012

"We only have one earth.", David, Ostend, Belgium.

"Since its the only economic and sustainable source for ever-increasing power demand and diminishing conventional source of energy.", Nipun from Biratnagar, Nepal.

"Simply put, it is important because it guarantees the future.", Akinbobola from Mosan, Nigeria.